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Our mission:
Committed to serve the global human health.

Our Policy:
Aiming to become the full solution provider of medical accessories and supplies.

Committed to serve global human health, 擶ARK Keeps improvement in quality; Decrease cost; Fast delivery; Quick response to provide the best possible products and services to customers.

Meanwhile, in 搘ark we highly regard the values of 慠espect, Inclusiveness, Health and Credibility in our daily conduct, which, over the time, have developed to be the cornerstones of the company抯 culture. With the proven professionalism, global perspectives, as well as the down-to-earth attitude in what we do, we are confident and aspired to continue growing the company as one of the world leading medical accessories providers.

Wark is proud to offer the quality products and services world widely:
Patient Monitor Accessories
Diagnostic EKG Cables & Accessories
Fetal transducers & Accessories
Veterinary Medical Accessories
Miscellaneous Medical Cables
Repair & Refurbishing Service
OEM & ODM Service

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