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Resusable Finger Oximetry SpO2 Sensors

Wark offers a complete line of O.E.M compatible SP02 sensors. Our prices range from 40% to 70% Lower than those of the original manufacturer. All of our products are of exceptional quality and meet all regulatory requirements.


1. The Reusable Finger Clip Sensor can usually be placed on the index, middle or ring finger (the thumb is not recommended for use with the Adult Finger Clip Sensor). Be sure that the finger reaches the finger stop with the finger nail facing the red light.
CAUTION: Low readings may result if the sensor is not placed as indicated. Do not open the finger casing more than 90 degrees. Doing so may damage the casing.
2. lf the patient has long fingernails, apply the sensor so that the cable is on the top of the finger The nail can then pass over the stop into the space provided.
3. Very dense fingernail polish or acrylic nails will interfere with sensor function. Remove any nail polish or artificial nails before using the sensor.
4. The Reusable Finger Clip Sensor should be removed at least every 2 hours to check skin integrity, circulatory status and correct alignment. Change to different site if any of the afore mentioned are compromised.
5. For accurate results, the patients hand should be made to rest comfortably without much movement while measurements are made.
6. To remove the sensor, gently squeeze the linger grips of the sensor and slide it from the finger.


70-100% +/- 2%
Additional accuracy and performance information can be found in the respective Pulse Oximeter manual.

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